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The Doe is a media and tech company creating paths to improved civil discourse. We are a place for shared values and different perspectives—where people from all walks can learn to engage with new ideas.

Moving on From Difficult Conversations

We often spend so much time preparing for difficult conversations that we forget to prepare ourselves for what comes...

Learning How to Be Wrong

It is the most primitive part of our brain that drives our ego’s need to be right. But at what cost?

Constructive Discourse Starts With Psychological Safety

What psychological safety is, why it’s important and how to cultivate it in your life.

The Best Life Advice I Ever Received

From TikTok to Twitter, everyone has advice they are willing to share on how to live your best life. What you do with...

How to Process Triggering Content

Processing triggering content is far from easy, but these tips and resources can help you continue to consume content...

What Makes a Great Narrative

There isn’t a sole factor, so let’s take a peek at a few.

Media Literacy: The Foundation of Modern Discourse

What media literacy is, why it’s important and how to apply media literacy skills to your daily life.

How to Write Your Pitch - and Nail It

This is where it all begins. Here’s how to, ahem, throw a strike.

In Action: A Look at Soft Skills Examples in Pop Culture

There are life lessons to be learned from how celebrities use their soft skills to navigate life— both in positive and...