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Build Connections With Goodwill

The Doe Team

by The Doe Team

| February 10, 2022

Cultivating goodwill can open many doors. Here's what goodwill means, the benefits of showing concern for others and how to introduce more goodwill into your life.

Showing concern for others creates a win-win situation where we help people while becoming healthier, happier and wiser. Cultivating goodwill can open many doors—here’s what goodwill means, the benefits of showing concern for others and how to introduce more goodwill into your life.

Building genuine connections with others can be challenging in today’s society.

To receive, we must also give. One secret to building lasting relationships is to show our concern and exhibit goodwill.

But what is the meaning of goodwill, and how can you show that you care?


Goodwill: Definition

In the Doe Prints assessment, goodwill is a value that indicates the tendency to show concern for the welfare and interests of others. Goodwill is synonymous with benevolence, kindness, compassion and charitableness.

When you show concern for others, you consider their needs and challenges while taking a genuine interest in their feelings, capabilities and perspectives. From there, you can offer assistance from a place of integrity, respect and compassion to support them in challenging situations and contribute to their welfare.


The Benefits of Showing Goodwill

Compassion toward other people’s welfare, feelings and perspectives helps you examine issues through their lenses. You also become more attuned to the world around you as you broaden your worldview.

Meanwhile, showing concern for and helping others offers a host of health benefits, such as a longer lifespan, lower blood pressure and decreased stress. It also instills a sense of purpose and improves your happiness while inspiring altruistic behaviors in others.

Not to mention, we can often learn something new about ourselves and the world when we step into circumstances that we don’t encounter in our own lives.


How to Cultivate Goodwill and Show Your Concern

Here’s how to become more compassionate and kind toward those you interact with:

  • See the world from different lenses: Expand your perspectives by reading first-person narratives from others to understand how they think and feel. 
  • Be accepting: Listen to others without judging. Be open-minded and let them know that you understand their points of view.
  • Show interest: Talk to people, ask questions about what’s important to them and find common ground to connect.
  • Keep others informed: If you’re making decisions that impact others, involve them in the conversation and get their input.
  • Express concern: While showing sincere concern when someone comes to you for assistance, be sure not to step over their autonomy.
  • Show trust and appreciation: Make frequent gestures, no matter how small, to let others know that you appreciate them.

Exhibiting goodwill and showing your concern about other people's feelings and perspectives helps you set the foundation for meaningful connections.

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