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April Fools' - A Look at Our Funniest Narratives

Are you having a laugh?

When I joined The Doe in August of 2019, founder Milan Kordestani and I had a frank conversation: A lot of material was going to be heavy. Like, mercury heavy. There would be stories of hardship, imprisonment, abuse and even death. And what could we do about it? Why, add some levity to the situation.

Since the beginning, our editorial team has gone after a wide variety of pieces, with themes that cover the spectrum from justice to acts of kindness. And, while we’ve never had a humor theme per se, many of our narratives are absolutely hilarious. That’s namely due to our writers, a witty bunch if there ever was one. 

So let’s dive in, shall we?

1 (1)-2

Here are some of my favorite funny narratives that will hopefully bring you a smile on this April Fools’ Day. They, of course, aren’t just humorous—we try to make sure that nothing on The Doe is one-dimensional. Also, it might go without saying, but NSFW warning for some.

We hope that these—and more (check out our LOL curation here)—bring you some joy this spring. And keep coming back; there are plenty more narratives in the works.


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