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Daily Dose of Inspiration: Motivational Stories

The Doe Team

by The Doe Team

| June 14, 2022

An exploration of five narratives that show goodness is still very much alive around the world.

It can be difficult to find pockets of motivation throughout the day. Whether it’s burnout at work or bouts of illness, many people have found themselves searching for something good.

We’ve got a handful of narratives that show the bright light brought on by the good things in the world. From rocks and cats to pizza and cake, we’re going to look at some of the wonderful themes found in five of our most motivational stories.


Generosity Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

My Mother Taught Me Generosity Even Though We Were Poor

One of our authors was awakened to the meaning of generosity by the actions of her mother. In “My Mother Taught Me Generosity Even Though We Were Poor,” Thalia Rose recounts her life in proximity to poverty. Though she had a fun childhood, she remembers the stress of her parents not being able to always put food on the table, making a particular experience with her mother stand out.

In the line of a grocery store, she watched a woman choose her item of necessity over a cake because she didn’t have enough money. She then saw her mother quickly pay for the cake and run after the woman. She says, “It was a simple gesture, and we didn’t go hungry because of it. But my mother’s sacrifice that day stuck with me, and I can still see that little woman’s blissful face in my mind.”

I’m an Organ Donor and You Should Be, Too

In “I’m an Organ Donor and You Should Be, Too,” Yoel Parnes remembers what it was like to watch their friend plummet to his death at an early age and how that emphasized their desire to save lives. After discovering they were able to do a live donation for part of their liver, they underwent surgery and added years—maybe even decades—to a stranger’s life. 

The author recalls being uncomfortable with the recipient’s gratitude, having only wanted to do what they could to help another person. Yoel Parnes says, “But I would donate an organ again without a second thought. I believe everyone should. Thousands of people are dying every single year for no good reason.” Though they spent days in a hospital and even more time to recover, the writer believes it was a minimal cost for what they were destined to do.

Both writers experienced first hand—however different in scale—how important it is to give when you’re able.


Friends in Unlikely Places

How My Cat Taught Me to Respect Boundaries

One of our contributors, Treddy, learned about respecting boundaries and standing your ground from an unlikely place: his cat. In “How My Cat Taught Me to Respect Boundaries,” Treddy describes how intense and terrifying their cat Tiger could be, but there is an unmistakable reverence to her personality.

The respect for Tiger is well founded. Though she is indeed just a cat, her unyielding physical communication with humans, showing what she will and will not take, as well as gifting moments of affection on occasion, taught the author valuable lessons: “I've always known that beings like Tiger change the world, not through bullying, but by fighting back, by saying no when the bullies come and try and pick you up.”

How a Stranger Helped Me Overcome My Fear of Flying

Another author, Psyched Out, chronicles a particular experience flying that forged an unlikely friendship. In “How a Stranger Helped Me Overcome My Fear of Flying,” Psyched Out shares her need to medicate for her anxiety on flights, but the side effect of hunger on a long layover where she couldn’t successfully trade currencies left her in a bad spot.

A stranger she spoke to briefly before the flight noticed her exchange with the currency clerk and decided to intervene. After a short back-and-forth, Psyched Out set aside her pride and allowed the stranger to buy her lunch. To this day, they still share a pizza occasionally and enjoy the irony and goodness surrounding their friendship.


A Little Is a Lot

How a Tiny Token of Humanity Showed Me Anyone Can Improve the World

This last narrative of goodness will show you inspiration in the form of a rock. Yes, a rock. In “How a Tiny Token of Humanity Showed Me Anyone Can Improve the World” Northern Dreamer describes their situation during the pandemic, and much like others, they recall the way this influenced their life and those around them.

When Northern Dreamer headed to the coast to celebrate their mom’s birthday, they found a green stone belonging to a collection of colored rocks meant to be taken and shared. The author believes, “It might seem trivial to some, but I recognized a deeper importance. Finding that pebble was a reminder from someone—a stranger, perhaps even someone I swerved away from on my stroll—that we are all in this together.” 

A gesture doesn’t always have to be grand to be impactful. In fact, sometimes, it’s the small things that stay with you the longest.

Final Thoughts

Goodness doesn’t always have to be grand. You can find generosity and kindness in the simplest of places. Consider moments in your life when you felt moved or inspired. How can you pass that on?

Whether you’re looking for a quick dose of inspiration or have a curiosity to explore another perspective, our narratives cover everything in between. Check out all of the different narratives to surprise yourself with what you might learn.


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