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Between The Lines

Join thousands of readers exploring articles about civil discourse, productive communication and challenging situations.

Understanding and Celebrating Marginalized Voices

What marginalization is, what the consequences are and how to overcome marginalization. 

Types of Biases Infographic

Biases pervade our everyday lives. Save this handy infographic for quick reference when identifying biases in your...

How to Be an Active Listener

Active listening: How to practice it, how to tell if someone else does and why it matters.

Themes Versus Curations: What's the Difference?

The Doe organizes its stories in a few ways. Let’s dive into the distinctions.

April Fools' - A Look at Our Funniest Narratives

Are you having a laugh?

Lessons in Sports: From the Athletes’ Perspectives

A collection of five narratives about sports, some of the life lessons that the athlete writers learned, and how we can...

Discourse In Sports From the Field to the Court

We’re talking about civil discourse in sports: events that started conversations, the circumstances around those events...

Unlock Better Discourse With Active Listening

How active listening can help broaden your perspective and support productive discourse.

Heckling, Superfans and Keeping Composure During Sporting Events

Read about heckling as a form of discourse, and learn tips for keeping trash talk sportsmanlike.