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The Doe is a digital publication sharing anonymous narratives to promote civil discourse.

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Join thousands of readers exploring articles about civil discourse, productive communication and challenging situations.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Reading Anonymous Stories?

Learning about topics through anonymous storytelling can teach us a lot about our shared identity.

Civil Discourse: Manners, Morals & Civility

Civil discourse is a fundamental part of our everyday lives and interactions.

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We’re living in a pandemic. Let’s talk about it. I was staring out the window of my hotel room, looking at the...

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When Not to Engage in Discourse and Just Walk Away

A key element of civil discourse is knowing when not to engage.

Everything to Know About Doe Prints Personality Quiz

Doe Prints is more than a personality quiz—it’s an insights assessment that helps you avoid echo chambers.

How to Recognize and Address Biases

Understand the inner workings of biases so you can avoid making rash decisions or taking discriminatory actions.

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September's theme, Made You Look, covers a lot of ground in fashion, style and trends.

A Closer Look at What’s New With The Doe

The Doe is challenging the way people engage with new ideas.