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The Doe Retreat: A Recap

The Doe Team

by The Doe Team

| June 2, 2022

A recap of The Doe’s first-ever in-person retreat in Nashville, Tennessee.

Being a fully remote company is a relatively new thing. Spurred along by COVID-19 and the shifting paradigm that is an increasingly tech-reliant world, companies are finding that the limits on what’s possible have been raised by going remote. 

The Doe is a fully remote team, built by workers across the United States and the globe. That has led to a wide diversity of talent on our team, full of personalities and backgrounds that reflect The Doe’s mission of elevating voices of all kinds.

But we work with each other on Zoom. And over the phone. And in our workflow software. Many of us had never seen each other (or anyone’s bottom halves!) for as long as The Doe’s been in existence. That is until April 2022, when we all met together in beautiful Nashville, Tennessee, for our first-ever Doe retreat.

1 (1)-3

One of the challenges of being a fully remote company is the element of culture building that many companies are able to create through day-to-day, in-person contact. So an on-site retreat like this is more important than ever for teams going increasingly remote.

We talked about how far we’ve come in elevating marginalized voices, breaking echo chambers and improving productive conversations. We talked about the future of that mission and the future of The Doe (which is promising). We ate together; we explored Nashville via scavenger hunt; we had breakout sessions to get to know each other better; and we laughed a ton (our fearless editor-in-chief, Colin St. John, has got a laugh you could listen to all day).

3 (1)-1

It was great to get together. It’s safe to say everyone left the retreat feeling refreshed and energized, ready to get back to work moving The Doe forward into the future.

Keep on reading for recaps from some Doe team members about our time in Nashville, and, of course, photos!

2 (1)-1

“Getting to finally spend some in-person time with the people I work with every day was such an exciting time. Although I wish the retreat was longer, it felt like we made every second count.” Cindy, UX Designer

“I loved meeting everyone at the retreat. The energy was really great. Everyone was super excited to meet each other! My favorite part was seeing how everyone was in real space. I think it means a lot that we all met online but when we met up, it felt like meeting a friend. I love working remotely because I get the chance to work with people not in my area. It's a very cool reason to travel to see them! It's a cool connection to places I’ve not been to yet.” 

Elle, Associate Creative Director, Design


“From laying in the sun by The Parthenon to drinking great coffee (thanks Frothy Monkey!), being able to bounce ideas on how to make The Doe a hub for elevating marginalized voices with the coolest and smartest people from around the world felt like such a privilege to cherish.” Ilene, Community Manager

“It was awesome to get to meet everyone, especially having only been on the team for a month. There was an immediate sense of closeness, despite everyone being relative strangers. A really unique place to work, for sure.” 

Cole, Software Engineer

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