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Editor's Note: LGBTQ Voices

We’re feeling Pride, whether it’s June, November or even one of those weird leap year days.

When I graduated from college, I didn’t have much of an idea of what I would do as far as a career was concerned (I may have told this story before). Anyhow, one of the internships I landed was at Psychology Today magazine.

It wasn’t very glamorous, but they let me write! And they even published something of mine in print and—gasp—paid me for it. The article was entitled “Coming Out With Dad” and detailed my experience of my father coming out of the closet when I was 13 years old. Here’s an excerpt:

People describe these moments as out-of-body experiences, and for good reason. Everything that I'd known about myself, my family and my father seemed to instantaneously turn to fiction. The transition was so stark, a complete 180. A couple of hours and three empty glasses later, my dad was gone.

What followed in my life was difficult. Very difficult. But all of these years later, I feel lucky to have been twist-turned-upside-down that day. My dad is gay. My uncle and aunt are, too. And I’ve learned so much about being human and vulnerable from all of them, through unique experiences not many of my friends had in their teen years—from walking for AIDS to watching sports at a gay bar to marveling at my cousins’ surrogate births.

I do not claim to know what it’s really like to be gay or queer or trans. I’m a pretty milquetoast combo of white, male and cis.

But I’ve become happily wrapped up in the movement for equal rights, and I’m proud of it, dammit.

I’m also very proud—there’s that word again—of our work here at The Doe, showcasing a myriad of voices from across the LGBTQ spectrum. I truly hope you enjoy our new curation focused on it. It’s as important and relevant as ever.