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Thematically Speaking: Our Editor Talks Themes

We’re switching things up. But not a whole lot.

When I was growing up, my dad worked at a newspaper. His section was Lifestyle. Sometimes, he’d contribute to Opinion or just the plain ol’ News, but Lifestyle was where he lived.

Some papers called it Culture or Entertainment, and—for a while—his section was just Food before it got folded into one with its other non-news or sports pals.

Most American media outlets group together their stories in such a manner, whether it be digital or online. (And while The Doe may do things in a somewhat revolutionary way, we aren’t trying to confuse anyone.)

Since starting here, I’ve found it helpful to think of our various themes—whether it be What’s Good or Looking Back or Unbuttoned—as sections in a newspaper or magazine. Most of our narratives fit into at least one bucket—many fit into several.

We always knew there’d be a time when we stopped rolling out monthly themes. That time is now.

The cup hath runneth…just right. Goldilocks-style. We have a terrific stable of themes that are chock-full of primo content. And now what? We will continue to populate them with fresh and juicy narratives from anonymous writers. Kinda like a newspaper or magazine.

But wait: That’s not all! The Doe, this March, will begin releasing stories on a weekly basis—as well as continuing our keep-you-on-your-toes, one-off On the Record series.

So be sure to smash that newsletter subscription button and follow our social channels. This year promises to be the most exciting one at The Doe yet.


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