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Letter From the Founder: About Between The Lines, Our New Blog at The Doe

Milan Kordestani, CEO

by Milan Kordestani, CEO

| August 3, 2021

Dear Reader,

I'm excited to welcome you to Between the Lines, our new blog here at The Doe. I'd like to take a moment to reflect on how much we've evolved as a publication over the last year and where we're at today with this blog.

When we launched The Doe before the pandemic, our vision was to create a space where people who often lacked the opportunity to tell their stories could safely write about and share their experiences. Anonymous narratives would drive empathy and conversation, reducing bias and promoting shared understanding. We knew readers would connect deeply to those stories, thinking more about the views of others and reflecting more on the ways that they consumed media.

I'm proud to say that our team is achieving success in this vision, and we will continue to build our discursive community together. Our editorial catalog is growing and our range of featured topics is expanding. Along the way, we’ve realized that the pandemic and its aftermath have shone a spotlight on the importance of the human connections within narratives that we elevate.

The Doe offers the opportunity to explore the most relevant current events of our day through the narratives of those who live through them. While other publications focused on statistics and political squabbles, our coverage of the continuing coronavirus pandemic helped our readers reflect on the human stories behind vaccine acceptance. Alternatively, our readers could contemplate the ways Afghanistan's collapse affected our views of the anniversary of 9/11 because The Doe explored both of these stories through the lenses of narratives, not incendiary articles or clickbaity diatribes. As with these examples, we will continue to publish honest perspectives on impactful topics of the day.

Likewise, many of the most contentious debates over identity, climate change and poverty are being tackled on The Doe in 2021, and our readers engage in meaningful discussions of these sensitive issues. We hope this blog will serve as another venue for such timely discourse. The Doe's success demonstrates that we are all striving to understand the world around us in critical ways, connecting to our own values while learning from the experiences of others.

Like all others who work in the realm of culture and communication, we are shifting to figure out just how the events of 2021 will shape our discourse for years to come. Never before has civil discourse been so essential to our survival as a nation, and yet we as a population appear to be emerging from the pandemic angrier and more polarized than any of us anticipated. We can’t deny the growing need to return to civil discourse.

And so it is with a renewed sense of urgency and purpose that we've updated our website and launched new features: Our mission to revitalize civil public discourse is more timely than ever. With features like this blog, we focused on building a community across our publication and social media oriented toward the sharing of ideas and mutual respect.

As part of our evolution as a publication, we've also rolled out Doe Prints, our personal assessment tool that allows you to learn more about your values and how those shape the way you consume media. Doe Prints gives us an opportunity to connect you with different viewpoints so you can break your own echo chamber and be in control of how media influences you. By understanding the values and perspectives we each bring to discourse, we can reach the mutual understanding necessary to return to civility and productive debate.

Our team is thrilled that you've chosen to join the conversation and the community here at Between the Lines. With each new feature rolled out at The Doe, we empower readers like you by giving you the mindsets you need to engage in meaningful civil discourse. By emphasizing values and world-views, we encourage everyone reading to break through their echo chambers and connect with the experiences of others. 

We are excited about the civil discourse that we are building here and the impact that our community will have in a time of great cultural change. We're glad you're ready to be part of a new conversation, driven by mutual respect, empathy and the honest sharing of real-world experiences. Thank you for helping us build something special, and we're excited to hear what you have to say about what you're reading here on The Doe Blog— click below to subscribe and read more. 




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