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A Closer Look at What’s New With The Doe

The Doe Team

by The Doe Team

| August 31, 2021

The Doe is challenging the way people engage with new ideas.

In this blog, we'll be taking a closer look at all the fresh new updates you’ll find on our site and discuss why they matter in the context of civil discourse.

The Doe started with unfiltered narratives from anonymous sources—giving people from all walks of life a space to share their experiences and offering readers a place to engage with perspectives they wouldn’t find anywhere else. 

Now we’re offering a myriad of new tools, resources and features to help you on your path to breaking out of your echo chamber. Let’s get started!


Doe Prints Personality Quiz

Perhaps the most noteworthy feature we’ve added, the Doe Prints quiz is a 17-question assessment built to help you check your echo chamber and get you thinking deeper about your personal characteristics and how they influence the way you see the world. Simply put: We are using data to help you break out of your echo chamber, not reinforce it.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You react to a variety of quotes pulled from our narratives. The quotes are intentionally polarizing or controversial—we’ll ask if you agree or disagree and give you the opportunity to explain why. 
  2. We analyze your responses with natural language processing (NLP) and data science. 
  3. We use this data to generate scores in five key values: closeness, stability, curiosity, openness and goodwill. 
  4. Those scores translate into a visual fingerprint representation—Your Doe Print!

This Print is the catalyst for a fully customized Doe experience designed to give you insights that help you avoid echo chambers and consume media more intentionally (for a full breakdown of Doe Prints, read our blog Everything You Wanted to Know About Doe Prints!).

2 (1)

Your Dashboard

Once you’ve taken the quiz, you’ll get access to a customized dashboard. And we don’t just mean it has your name on it. We’re talking Doe Prints breakdowns, tailored narrative recommendations and much, much more. 

Here’s a peek at all the goods you’ll find in your dashboard:

  • Doe Print snapshot: Access the full details about your Doe Print, value scores and what they say about your worldview.
  • Recommended reads: Quickly find reads we know you'll love.
  • Bookmarked narratives: Pick up where you left off on a narrative without digging to find the story.
  • Recently viewed collections: See all the narrative collections you've explored so far.
  • Stories with shared values: If you're looking for narratives that align with your Doe Print scores, you'll find them here in this custom curated list.
  • Stories with different values: Shake up your echo chamber by reading stories with different value scores, all here in the list made just for you.

Think of your dashboard as your personal hub—the first stop on your journey to breaking down your echo chamber.

Narrative Reactions and Print Comparisons


OK, so you’ve selected a recommended narrative from your dashboard to read. Now what? 

You’ll notice our narratives got an upgrade, too. Once you’ve completed reading a story, use the new reaction buttons at the bottom of each page to check in real time on how the story made you feel. You’ll see a breakdown of how other readers reacted, and as an added bonus, this data filters into your Doe Print—meaning your Print breakdown and narrative recommendations get better the more you react.


Because we generate all Doe Prints using NLP and linguistic analytics, members aren’t the only ones that get a Doe Print—each narrative also gets one. After you’ve taken the quiz, you’ll be able to compare your personal value scores to those of our narratives, giving you a better understanding of how you relate to the content and what that might mean for your echo chamber. For a more in-depth look at Print comparisons, read our blog Everything to Know About Doe Prints Personality Quiz.

Our New Look

We’ve covered all the cool new features, but we also have a new look. It’s hard to miss that we’ve given our brand a fresh makeover—from fonts to colors and everything in between. 

First up, we hit refresh on our brand palette, using updated colors across the site to give everything a new, more consistent look. Fresh, bright colors lift the mood, which is especially important when your content covers some heavy subjects. The palette is also more accessible, so it’s easier on the eyes and better for all vision types.

Our fonts are more accessible, too! That means whether you're browsing over your morning coffee or using a screen reader to catch up on the latest narratives, you’ll get the same content across the board. The faster loading times don’t hurt either.

1 (1)-1

Membership and Subscriptions

There’s a lot of new happenings to keep up with around here, and not least important are our membership and subscription updates. We simplified to one membership with flexible billing options (choose from monthly or annual billing), so all members get the same Doe goodness on their own terms. 

New subscription options mean you’ll see more of the content you love in your inbox—from new narrative themes to giving back and story recommendations you can bookmark for later. 

New Changes, Same Goals

When you engage with new ideas, you grow—The Doe no exception. We’ve learned a lot over the last year. As we continue to produce new content and push our readers to engage with new ideas, it’s inevitable that we also experience change. 

These updates help move us (and you) further on the path to improved civil discourse. We’re proud of the progress, and there’s so much more to come! 

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