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Who Is The Doe?

The Doe Team

by The Doe Team

| July 28, 2022

Breaking down all there is to know about The Doe.

We cover a lot of ground on our Between The Lines blog page. Like how to navigate challenging situations that call for the use of soft skills. Like defining important terms and values and exploring how they can apply to our lives. Like asking thought-provoking questions and contextualizing community answers. Like going behind the scenes with the team at The Doe. And none of that is to mention the incredible diversity of topics our hundreds of anonymous narratives on the site deal with every week.

Through all of the content, there’s an overhanging question we thought some of you may have: Just who exactly is The Doe?

How did we get started? What’s our mission? What do we mean when we say “make yourself uncomfortable”? What’s the idea behind anonymity in our narratives? What’s an echo chamber, and why do we want to help you break yours? 

We thought we’d take a step back and try to answer these questions for you. If you’re curious about The Doe, read on.


How and Why The Doe Got Started

The Doe was founded in 2019 with a central goal: Change the way we engage with content online for the better. We’re a digital publication that seeks to create space for verified and unfiltered stories in an effort to promote open-mindedness and understanding of other perspectives.

We publish personal narratives by anonymous authors so that we may remove any preconceived notions of the writer’s identity, background and beliefs. In this format, we can focus on the message rather than the messenger.

Many of society’s problems boil down to identity politics. We assume things about other people before getting to know them. It clouds our judgment. It’s only human and we understand that. So by removing traditional bylines on our narratives, you can engage with the content of the author’s perspective rather than the identity of the author. We feel that’s a more productive way to reach a mutual understanding.


Understanding Others but Also Understanding Yourself

The Doe also seeks to help readers understand themselves. What makes you, you?

By digging deeper into ourselves, by learning about things like emotional intelligence, soft skills and human nature, we can be better equipped to interact with others. Building a more solid foundation for productive conversation and relationships starts with us. Part of our mission is to help people learn more about themselves.

One of the tools we use to do this is the Doe Prints quiz. The quiz provides unique personal data on five values critical to the human condition: closeness, openness, curiosity, stability and goodwill. Together, the data points provide a unique fingerprint representation of your worldview, recommend narratives on the site and compare your values to other content. Take the quiz here.

The Between The Lines blog page has a variety of educational resources for learning about you. And tying it all together, our hundreds of anonymous narratives offer a massive bank of content for sorting through what you’ve learned by reading other peoples’ perspectives. That kind of recognition can bring us all closer.


Getting Comfortable With Discomfort

You’re not going to like everything you read on The Doe. And that’s the point. Our mission is to help people approach a perspective they disagree with, with respect, open-mindedness and a willingness to understand and learn. Or at least engage in a healthy and civil way through the knowledge that we’re all human.

We’re big on echo chambers and figuring out how to break them. An echo chamber is an environment, intentionally constructed or not, where an individual only encounters information, perspectives and opinions that are generally the same as their own, thereby reinforcing those beliefs. That can be destructive and explain a lot of where our society is at the moment: divided and at the mercy of algorithms.

“Make yourself uncomfortable” is something we say at The Doe. It’s hard to break your echo chamber! It causes some discomfort. The simple act of engaging with a perspective you disagree with means you’ve taken a step outside of your comfort zone. And by doing that, you can see the world around you a little more clearly. That’s what we’re looking to do for people.


The Doe is always changing. We’re always trying to improve, just like the people we seek to help. We’re all on this journey of life together. That includes The Doe’s team members and that includes The Doe itself. We’re not perfect—no one is. But we can try to be a little bit better every single day.

To begin breaking your echo chamber, create an account with The Doe and start exploring anonymous narratives now. Hit us up on social media to let us know which narratives resonate the most.


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