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What Is It Like to Write for The Doe?

The Doe Team

by The Doe Team

| July 26, 2022

Our writers share their experiences of publishing their personal narratives on The Doe.

Our readers enjoy our anonymous stories, which help them consider issues from different perspectives and broaden their worldview.

But what is it like to be on the other side of the table—sharing your story with a large audience through an online publication?

We dig into sensitive topics as Doe writers recount some of their deepest and darkest secrets and emotions through their personal narratives, protected by our mission of anonymity. 

In this post, we go behind the scenes to see what it’s like to write for The Doe. We share some testimonials from our contributors, which show how telling your story anonymously can be beneficial.


An Unencumbered Experience

The veil of anonymity gives our writers the freedom to share their experiences without worrying about the consequences of others learning about parts of their lives they want to keep private. This invitation to be open can be a liberating experience.

“I always thought I was very open as a writer. But once given the opportunity to write in a pen name, I realized I had so much more to say when unencumbered by that attachment.”

“ [I can] share experiences that many publications would simply not publish. It’s liberating for a citizen journalist to have an anonymous platform to share personal narratives to challenge the problems in the criminal justice system.”

“I appreciate the opportunity to share a story I had previously been worried about publishing on my own blog.”


A Vehicle for Change

Our mission of anonymity allows our writers to share the truth and effect changes. The stories show our readers opinions they don’t typically have exposure to because of the politicized and polarized corporate media landscape.

“Writing my observations of organizations and doing so with a free hand is an effective element in telling the truth instead of slavishly adhering to the politicized editorial policies of media controlled by vested interests. The Doe is a leading light that allows writers to share their heartfelt truths…The Doe is a vehicle for change.” 

“Any place that gives a haven to unfiltered truth is more necessary than ever. The Doe is that safe space in 2022.” 

“The Doe provides a safe platform to discuss edgy topics—something that’s rare in an age of fake news, virtue signaling and woke society. I couldn’t recommend it as a platform for free speech more highly.”


A Healing Experience

Many of our writers found writing and sharing their personal narratives therapeutic. In fact, the American Psychological Association found that writing can help people manage and learn from negative experiences to strengthen their bodies and minds.

“Writing for The Doe allowed me to share a personal story I wanted to write for a long time but hadn’t had the courage. The experience was therapeutic for my family and me.”


A Well-Orchestrated Process

Running an online publication involves many moving parts. Not all media outlets have the systems and processes to create a seamless and satisfying experience for their writers. 

“Writing for The Doe is an experience you can only truly appreciate if you’ve written for other outlets...They pay fast and fair, the pitching and paperwork process is simple and user-focused and they like good ideas.”

“I love writing for The Doe and appreciate the excellent editing and support from Colin and his team… [The entire process] is well organized and encouraging.”

“I had a great experience writing for The Doe. The editorial team was great, and Skyler had terrific suggestions. I felt supported throughout the process and am grateful for the opportunity to share my narrative in this unique way.”

A Sense of Community

We love to have our writers come back regularly to share their stories! Many also appreciate the sense of belonging once they start writing for us.

“It’s incredibly special that once you’ve written for The Doe, you are invited into the community and feel welcome to pitch regularly.”

“I highly recommend writing for The Doe. The team is incredibly supportive, the platform is unique and powerful and it’s a great way to share your personal experiences with a broad, open community.”

Experience the Power of Anonymous Personal Narratives

Our anonymous stories help our readers see the world through a different lens while allowing our writers to share their stories in an honest and unencumbered way.

Explore our anonymous narratives to expand your perspectives and become part of our community.


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