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The Best Life Advice I Ever Received

The Doe Team

by The Doe Team

| May 10, 2022

From TikTok to Twitter, everyone has advice they are willing to share on how to live your best life. What you do with it is up to you.

The author Oscar Wilde once said, “The only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on. It is never of any use to oneself.”

Of course, Oscar didn’t live long enough to log on to the internet, where total strangers are always ready and willing to share their best piece of advice. From TikTok to Twitter, everyone has advice they are eager to share on how to live your best life. What you do with it is up to you. 

We decided to cut through the noise and ask The Doe readers, “What was the best life advice you’ve ever received?”

There are important lessons embedded in each one, so read on for some of the best life advice.

1 (4)

“Listen Twice as Much as You Speak”

Do you remember the last time you took the time to pause and really listen to someone? Unfortunately, so many people consider conversation a competitive sport and are too busy focusing on the next astute comment they’re going to make. Practicing active listening can improve any relationship, whether personal or professional. Not only does it make the other person feel heard, leading to better results in the conversation, active listening can also help you learn so much about the other person and perhaps the situation you’re discussing. Instead of waiting for your chance to speak, take a moment and try practicing the following steps to active listening:

  1. Pay attention.
  2. Show that you're listening.
  3. Provide feedback.
  4. Defer judgment.
  5. Respond appropriately.

2 (4)

“Experience Is Your Biggest Teacher”

It’s inevitable that life will bring challenges and failure along the path to pursuing your dreams. But instead of allowing those things to become impediments, use them as moments of learning. Personal experiences and pain have intrinsic value if you take the time to reflect on them, learn from them and use those discoveries as you continue moving through life. Life lessons are just as (if not more) important as the lessons you learn from textbooks.

Instead of being afraid of failure or being ashamed of the painful experiences in your life, use those lessons to learn about your own resilience, strength and confidence. Life can only get you down if you allow it to. Fear will only hold you back from doing the best you can to live your best life. 

3 (2)

“If You Have to Lie, It Means You’re Wrong. That’s Your Chance to Correct Your Actions”

Sure, there are moments in life that might call for a little white lie: Your favorite aunt buys you a purse that is probably the worst thing you’ve ever seen. In that case, you would do your best to protect your favorite aunt’s feelings and tell her you’ll use the purse with joy. The problem arises when you’re lying because you are trying to intentionally and maliciously deceive someone because you need to hide something that would ultimately come back to hurt you. 

We all know lies can have serious consequences. 

That uncomfortable moment when your body and your mind realize you’re about to tell a lie is the time to pause and really consider what is motivating you to deceive this person. And, ultimately, why are you lying in the first place? If you need to lie, perhaps you need to say nothing at all.

4 (1)

“Do Your Best, Trust in God, Love Others, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff”

It can be easy to fall into the habit of being distracted by all the little things in life—and there are many. Instead of worrying about that guy at Starbucks who jumped ahead of you in line or the lady who took the last parking spot this morning, let it go. Life is already pretty busy and full of stress and worries. What would happen if you were to instead focus on simply letting the small things go and loving those around you with forgiveness and compassion? In the end, we’re all out here doing our best, which may just be a little bit easier if we stop letting stress get the better of us and live from a place of peace and calm.5 (1)

“The World Is Run by Underqualified People; Might as Well Be One of Them”

This may be our favorite piece of advice at The Doe. Have you ever heard “fake it til you make it”? Essentially, we’re all trying to figure it out as we go along. None of us are experts until we open ourselves up to learning. Don’t let your fear of being underqualified or not good enough keep you from following your dreams. Take the leap. Apply for that job. Go on that trip. Do the thing that scares you because what’s the alternative if you don’t? It means a life that is less fulfilling, less exciting and less adventurous. We are all just doing our best every single day with the information we have. And most of us continue to grow and learn with each step forward. So take a chance and be the next underqualified person running the world.


The beauty about life advice is that you don’t have to take it. Seriously.

Or you can look at the life advice for what it is: An opportunity to learn from those who have already lived through some of life’s hardest lessons. It doesn’t mean living your life in the shadow of anyone else. It simply means taking those lessons and using them to inform your own life choices.

A few more pieces of life advice from The Doe readers before you go:

  • “You don’t have to agree with people; you should try and understand them.”
  • “80% of success is showing up. Also, physically write down your goals.”
  • “Don’t depend on anyone.”
  • “Don’t let money be the reason you don’t try.”
  • “Go to hell with society's expectations.”
  • “Don’t put your eggs all in one basket.”

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